Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blueberry Bran Nutella Muffins

Mix in a small bowl:  1 Beaten egg
                                1 c. almond milk
                                3 T unsweetened applesauce
                                1 c. All Bran
                                1/3 c. Nutella

Mix in a larger bowl:  1 c. Whole wheat flour
                                1/3 c. Brown sugar
                                 2 t.  Baking powder
                                1/2 t. salt
                                1/4 t. Baking soda
Mix the contents of the two bowls together gently and fold in at least 1 c. Blueberries
Bake at 400 about 20 min.
Make a pot of coffee or a cup of tea while they're baking!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Backyard Bunny

...I like big bunnies and I cannot lie...(to paraphrase Sir Mix-A-Lot).

There's been a very large rabbit hanging around my house for a couple of months.  I've been watching him graze in my front yard accompanied by a flock of  about 20 Slate Colored Juncos for the past hour.

The snowy pics are from a month ago and the grassy one is from today.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blue Diamonds

My son Jim changed his major to Criminal Justice last semester and his goal is to serve in the Michigan State Police as his father did. He posted this video on FB today.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Yin and the Yang

Maybe bad things happen in fours not threes.  
My computer failed yesterday.
I got my first ever speeding ticket today.
I came home to a small flood in my basement. And number four...
I drove 2 hours to Traverse City yesterday to see an orthopedic surgeon and didn't hear what I wanted to hear. It turns out I had a "significant tibia fracture" last year so immobilization and healing time would have been much more beneficial than the 12 weeks of physical therapy I had. No wonder the leg still bothers me.

The bright spot of the day is I got to see Ellis and savor his smiles, laugh out loud with him and soak up his warm and wonderful love!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Signs of Spring

Spring must be around the corner...I smelled a skunk when I stepped outside last night and I saw a swan in Spring Lake today.I stopped to snap a picture, but only saw one swan. Sadly,the other one may have been lost to the winter so there may be no cygnets this year. 
A single Mute Swan in Spring Lake    Photo by MWH

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Walk on the Frozen Bay

A nearly one ton white Italian marble crucifix lies  24 feet under water in Little Traverse Bay. It was placed years ago as a memorial to divers.
Divers' Memorial - Underwater Crucifix near the Petoskey Harbor
Photo by MWildHansen
 When the conditions are right, usually early March a group of divers make an access opening in the ice, dive down to clean the algae off the cross and prepare for visitors who trek across the ice about 600 yards from Bay Front Park in Petoskey. It's been more than ten years since I've had a chance to go out there and Saturday was a beautiful crisp sunny winter day so Jim and I headed to the waterfront.
Jim heading out on the ice                          Photo by MWildHansen

We had a little fun with the ice formations along the way.
Mary                              Photo by James Hansen
Jim on the bay                                                                  Photo by MWildHansen

The threatening jaws of a Lake Michigan Ice Monster
On the way back to shore a rainbow peeked through the clouds as the sun sank lower in the sky.

For more information see Michigan in Pictures

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wild Humor

My brothers and I have a sort of dry humor we usually call Wild Humor.  Though our mother loved a good laugh to the point of breathlessness, we maintain our sense of humor comes from our dad who was quietly witty, loved puns and irony, and had a laid back humble delivery.  It often appears to be unintentional due to its calm and straightforward approach, rather the opposite of slapstick.

I bring this up now because I'm home editing a document for work and occasionally check my email for diversion.  Dave sent me a recipe for Red Lentils and Kale with Miso.  Always interested in healthy eating I replied that I want to try it but have never cooked with miso.
Dave said, "Miso either."
I said, "I'm SOUPrised."
Dave said, "You're pulling my LEGume."
I said, "Stop! You're KALEing me."

I suspect we could have gone on all day but we have work to do.  Not an LOL in the bunch but we were sufficiently amused.  : )

The recipe that started the banter

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Welcome! Willkommen!

Erich with his
 Geburstag flag
Years ago when I first visited Erich he flew an American flag to welcome me to Canada. I had never heard of this international tradition before and was so impressed by the simplicity of such a meaningful gesture.
A couple of years later when we visited Erich's hometown (Trofaiach) in Austria his sister's neighbor flew the Canadian flag for him and since it was also Erich's birthday they even displayed an "Alles Gute Zum Geburstag" flag for him!
All ready to welcome my international visitors
                                                                                                                                                                        A couple of weeks ago Erich came down to Michigan with his brother from Switzerland and his sister from Austria for a couple of days.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a Swiss flag but did my best to display the rest.

So if you're planning a trip from outside the USA just give me a week to order your flag and tidy up the guest room...

(Tom M, I'm keeping the Maple Leaf ready for you!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How Old is Old??

Last week I saw a patient (I'll call her Clara) I've seen several times before but this visit was memorable.  From past appointments I remembered her as an 80-ish woman, cheerful, positive, with an easy smile.  As we chatted she mentioned she was going to be 100 years old this year!  I glanced at her record and wondered how I never noticed her birthdate before, December 12, 1912.  Given the unusual date, 12-12-12 I told her about my grandson's birthday, 11-11-11 which made her chuckle, "Someone else has a special birthdate like mine!"
Clara does not look nearly 100.  She does her hair nicely, has a sense of humor, and if others speak loud enough has no trouble keeping up with a conversation.  When asked her secret to longevity she'll say "Walking.  And lots of hard work over the years."
She admitted she does have some memory issues (don't we all?!) and proceeded to give me a couple of examples.  "Sometimes I can only remember one or two things at a time.  I might put a teabag in a cup and sit down to enjoy it before I realize I forgot the hot water!"
Thank you, Clara for brightening my day!

I saw this sign in a lululemon store in Los Angeles

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Wave

I stood at the end of the main dock at Petoskey's marina in a bitter cold blasting wind under dark cloudy skies when the sun peeked through the clouds. Big waves crashed against the break-wall.  This was one of my favorite images.