Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Priscilla!

We celebrated Priscilla's birthday today!  The cake had three candles:  One was for 90 years and the other two were one year each.  You do the math.  We had a nice dinner and some lively conversation.

A toast to 92 years!
Priscilla has always been like a mother to me ~ What a sweetheart.

It looks like Priscilla enjoyed the celebration!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Geocache #4, Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls, at Batchawana Bay near Erich's house

The Travel Bug we deposited at the Falls location
Found it!
Kathy and I had the idea to drop off the Travel Bug from our last Geocaching at a site in Canada so she found one online at Chippewa Falls  near Erich's home.  It was a great opportunity for us to try out Erich's new GPS and we found the hide in short order.  The little roller blade now has a temporary new home in Northern Ontario.  The last entry on the log for this hide was June of this year so it could be there a while...

Erich with his GPS

Geocaches Numbers 2&3

Kathy and I finally got back to the Offield Nature Preserve to find the cache that eluded us a few weeks ago.  This time she had her hand held GPS which took us closer to the its location.  The first one was difficult to find unless you're looking up!
Mary retrieved the cache from above
Encouraged at finding the first one we decided to look for another cache hidden at the same preserve.  That one contained a "Travel Bug" meant to be taken to another location.  Some of the Travel Bugs can be tracked online and some have a desired destination indicated by the person who hid it.
Kathy with the Travel Bug and her GPS