Monday, September 22, 2008

Award Winning Cioppino

Thanks for the yummy dinner, Erik and Linda! Crusty bread, red wine, a crisp green salad, aged Wisconsin cheese and Mom's award winning Cioppino. What could be better? My Cioppino recipe really did win a contest years ago and was featured on Michigan Outdoors . I was delighted to see my creation enjoyed on TV by the show hosts until Fred Trost said it reminded him of leftovers! You can try, but you can't burst MY bubble, Fred! I'm a Wild and we know good food. Right you guys?


Dave said...

That looks really good! I always love to make seafood stews, except when I get the bill :)

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

You use the same words to describe your meal as I use to describe myself; crusty, green; aged and award winning (it was a major award, hot damn). Thanks for NOT using the word fishy to describe the Cioppino, although that word has been used to refernce me.