Saturday, April 30, 2011

About Fairy Tales and Reality

Prince William and Princess Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Titles are explained in detail HERE.
The Fairy Tale
I was not planning on watching the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William  but after a busy day we relaxed in the evening with a BBC Canada replay of the day's events for an hour or two.  The dress was simple and beautiful, the couple are very likable and seem to be in love and know each other well.  As someone from Charles and Diana's generation I have to say it's sad that Diana was not there but it was a happy occasion nonetheless and we can always use some joy in the news.

Real Life
The story is not complete without a nod to reality.  Like the cute picture of one of the little bridesmaids who looked a bit unhappy in the infamous "kiss on the balcony".  Then there was the fallen horse and rider in the post wedding parade.  Amidst all the carefully planned details these are usually the things that make a day memorable.  And real.   

The happy couple in a public kiss.  The maid on the
right is  delighted, the little one on the left not so much.

Fallen horse and rider in the parade.  No one was hurt but the rider's pride.

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