Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home From New England

New York City Skyline from Hoboken, N.J.
I haven't been to the Big Apple since I was a kid. It's still big. My niece Lindsay and I tooled around Manhattan for a while after visiting my Aunt Helen (more on that later). I saw just enough to leave me wanting for more. Contrary to what some people think, I'm not just an outdoor girl. I need my fix of "City" at least a couple of times a year but last weekend I got just enough of a great American city for a little tease. The contrast of this bustling metropolis to my everyday life is fascinating. It's on my list of "gotta go back to" places right after Ireland.

Times Square
Empire State Building


Dave said...

Wow! Great pics...and the trip sounds so fun...I wish I could have gone :(

idylwild said...

i'll such go to nyc w/ you!