Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gifts From the Heart

As a dental hygienist, I don't get tips, bonuses, kick-backs, incentives, etc. It's pretty much a twice monthly paycheck and the occasional free toothbrush. But every now and then a patient will surprise me with a delightful token of their appreciation. Last week I was wowed with two such gifts.

First, Janice S. from Crooked Lake stopped in and gave me a pair of the most beautiful hand knit socks you can imagine. I told my avid knitting friend Barb about it and she stated simply, "Girl, you are loved!" Apparently, socks are quite the challenging project and these are exceptionally intricate in their pattern and stitching, complete with ribbed ankles and form fitted heels and toes. Check out the beautifully blended colors in the photo, too.

Just a few days later, Jim S. from Beaver Island came in and gave me a small cardboard box. We had given him some old dental instruments several years ago to help with his wood carving hobby. He wanted to thank us for that and inside the box was a stunning Santa sculpture hand carved with the help of those dental instruments! It was artistically painted as well.

When my patients are this thoughtful and generous who needs multi-million dollar retention bonuses!? Give me a gift from the heart any time.

1 comment:

Alisa said...

Wow, Mary. If I have to have someone scraping the inside of my mouth, I think I want it to be you, because you are obviously very good!

Those are both beautiful gifts. The socks are gorgeous and the Santa is so artistic.

All I ever get are french fries.