Monday, March 9, 2009

Limerick for the Little Union River Yurt Journal

I wrote this little limerick for the journal we found in the yurt. Other visitors had recorded adventures and comments so we left this:

There once was a cozy yurt
And three restless people, inert
We put on a shirt,
prepared for dirt,
And with snowshoes, went out to exert.

We finally got to the yurt
Feeling renewed and alert
The locale is covert
And no one got hurt
As we played and had fun at the yurt.

Our worries we all did divert
As adventure we did assert
Don't wear a skirt
Just a wicking shirt
As you laugh and relax at the yurt.


Alisa said...

Oh my, that is so clever! I would never have imagined that so many word rhyme with yurt, especially because I have not ever heard of a yurt until I read your blog!

lindsay said...

How fun! I'll bet that's an interesting break from all the stories in the journal!

Dennis said...

I once pitched a yurt in Nantucket.