Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Geocache Number One

The bottle, painted dark for camouflage and a pile of canisters.

Opening my 196th film canister
I was introduced to geocaching today!  Kathy took me to the Offield Nature Preserve a couple of miles north of here and thanks to the GPS app on her phone we found the first cache in short order.  That was the only thing short about it!  It was a five gallon water bottle containing 200 old film canisters six of which held clues to the next cache and one held the log for us to sign.  Time flew as we opened all 200 canisters and soaked in the warm September sun.  We tromped around in the woods for a while without finding the second one.  The app just wasn't accurate enough, so we have a date to return with "the big guns", a real GPS.  I look forward to it!  These things are all over the world - in more than 100 countries and all seven continents!
International Geocaching Logo

For a basic description of how geocaching works, read it here on Wikipedia.

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kathy said...

You are a kindred spirit, Mary. So happy to share the great outdoors with someone of equal admiration. And the "hidden treasures" are just icing on the cake of life:) Kathy