Friday, June 24, 2011

Jenice's Day

Instead of a traditional shower we had a special day for Jenice that ended up lasting more than 12 hours.  A fun filled girl day!   I made Palatschinken (Austrian crepes) with fresh berries and maple yogurt cheese for breakfast for Jenice, Linda, Nicollette and I.  

Jenice looks so relaxed after her massage
Then we headed for Trillium where the girls were treated to manicures or pedicures and Jen got a prenatal massage.
On to Park Garden Cafe' for lunch, gifts and a game.

Full of energy we stayed downtown for a little shopping, then to 
Kilwin's new candy and ice cream factory.


Next stop, miniature golf to flirt with pirates under the waterfall...

Time for dinner already?  Takeout from Mim's Mediterranean to enjoy on my deck!

  As if all that wasn't enough we made one more trip into town 
for the Bear River Walk in Petoskey.
Mary, Linda, Jenice at the Bear River


Mary Wild said...

I'd take a day like that instead of shower anytime!

jenice said...

Thanks for the pics, and an awesome day!!!!