Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Bowling Ball Ice"

Every now and then when the conditions are right, ice forms on Lake Michigan in spherical shapes. Two years ago, when Dave and Heather visited the spheres were especially large and plentiful. The only way to fully appreciate the phenomenon is to witness them in person, or for the less adventurous the following photographs.
As far as the eye can see

Up Close

With my foot for reference...hey! Another foot photo!

A view of ice balls that were tossed by waves on top of "ice dunes", with the Petoskey State Park beach house in the background


lindsay said...

That's pretty wild! I wonder what causes that to happen.

Dave said...

I love those bowling balls!!! That was so fun! Not very easy to walk on though.

Pauline said...

Hi Mary,
I love reading your blog but those ice balls truly amaze me. It's interesting to see what happens in parts of the country that I am not privy to. One of millions of things that I have never encountered. Thanks for posting on those!!! Pauline

wildmary said...

Welcome, Pauline!