Monday, January 18, 2010

Loving Winter

When I state my love for the winter months I usually get comments of disbelief or disagreement. So it's time to get specific.

Top Ten Things I Love About Winter  

#10.  Instant, free redecoration of the landscaping

#9. The "Winter Wonderland" show after a snowfall

#8. Watching the lakes and rivers freeze

#7. A toasty warm retreat into the cozy house after being outside

#6. Snowshoeing on a sunny beach

#5. The holidays

#4. The way colors stand out in contrast to the snow

#3. Patterns in the snow and ice

#2.Cross country skiing with Erich

#1.The serenity and silence  of a snow blanketed scene

And one more for the kids or the kid in all of us...
Snowmen, Snow Angels, and Sledding

Happy winter, everyone!  Enjoy the snow!


Mary Wild said...

I love winter too! For some of those very same reasons and a few different ones too.

GrammaJanRN said...

You make some wonderful points. The one about getting cozy inside after being outside is the one I like best. And of course, the holidays. I wish I could appreciate it more, but I just don't feel energetic in the winter. That isn't your house in the photos is it? If so, it's not how I remember it the one time I saw it. I really must get up there again. Beautiful winter scenes.

Wild Celtic said...

This is lovely! Those are some great things about winter. I've done snow angels a lot this winter!