Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Worldwide Web

It really IS a worldwide web.  Not that I ever doubted it but now I have proof.  I recently installed a widget called NeoCounter that keeps track of the hits my blog gets, identifying the U. S. cities and various countries.  I occasionally click on  "Next Blog"  at the top of my home page to randomly check out other blogs and it's fun to see where I might end up and what type of blog it is.
  I have to admit I didn't think I was gettting that many hits myself  because comments are rare but here is the list of countries I have had hits from just in the last couple of days:  United Kingdom, Brazil, Norway, Philippines, France, Australia, India and our neighbor Canada.  That doesn't count all the U.S. cities on the list, either.

About 18 mos. ago I wrote a post about a visit to see my Aunt Helen, a Maryknoll Missionary Sister who had lived and worked in many locations throughout the world.  Imagine my amazement when I got a comment from a reader in Jamaica who is a Maryknoll missionary priest who had worked with my aunt in Bolivia!!!!  He thanked me for sharing my story.  I had goose bumps!!  What a small world!


Mary Wild said...

I get hits galore from everywhere. I think "Wildthings" attract them. Imagine the disappointment they must feel when they discover how "unwild" it is (my blog)!!!

Wild Celtic said...

That is cool! I'm not nearly that technologically savy to install something like that

lindsay said...

Crazy, huh? I get hits from countries I didn't even know existed!