Friday, October 24, 2008

Too Much Cuteness??

Cute, cuter, cutest??
I take too many pictures. The editing and deleting process can be excrutiating. Who could ever say which is the cutest or (gasp!) least cute image of Maddie after her bath?? So I often make a "filmstrip", photo series, or scrapbook page of similar ones and they become a collection or maybe even tell a story. It's not redundant, it's just more of a good thing!

One day last winter Erik, Linda, and I picked up some Guinness Stout and Harps and were having a good time relaxing when I started taking a few shots (pictures, that is). It looks like Linda enjoyed the 'Liquid Irish Heaven' as much as I did and I can almost taste a real live Black & Tan when I take another look at this series.

Equally cute!


Dennis said...

I find that my shots aren't so good after a few shots. Must be because I lose control of the camera settings.

I agree that Maddie is equally cute every time I see her.

Uncle Denizen

Dave said...

Very funny Mildman. Er, Denizen. Mary, I love doing that too! I have one of you!

wildmary said...

Oh, yeah, on the California coast!