Sunday, October 12, 2008

Does anyone know how to train a cat?

Does anyone know how to keep a cat out of the bed? I've been trying for 13 years to no avail. Every now and then he sneaks under the bedspread, sometimes without even wrinkling the fabric even if I tuck it in tightly . I've never seen him do it but when I find a lump under the cover, and it sqeeks when I touch it, I know what it is. Always right smack in the middle of the bed. When I lift the cover he gives me that sleepy, innocent "Whaaaat?" look. I suppose he's just too old to change now. (I keep the guest room door closed so my company has nice clean sheets free of cat hair!) P.S. I do keep my thermostat low. Maybe that's it.


lindsay said...

But he looks so cute all tucked in there!! I've found a spray bottle of water works quite nicely with a cat.

Alisa said...

Train a cat? You must have heard some rumors somewhere that that's possible! You know what they say, "Dogs have people and cats have staff."

I say give it up and chalk it up to the fact that cats are much more powerful than we mere people will ever be!

wildmary said...

Thanks for the advice, guys. It sounds like you know cats!

Dennis said...

The best way to keep a cat out of your bed is to sleep on the couch. He'll sleep with you there.

Old Cat Rancher

Dave said...

Fraidy just posted to his blog asking how he could keep You out of HIS bed. Seems all we have here is a bed ownership dispute.

And he says he has the receipt.

wildmary said...

you guys are so helpful...and funny! Oh, you're serious? Ok, I guess it's the couch for me tonight.