Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Peanut Butter and WHAT?

Lindsay posted about good old PB&J's last week which elicited a huge response. It seems to be a lifetime favorite food! No matter how many gourmet, ethnic, homemade, organic or exotic foods we try in life we still love our PB&J's! Well, I grew up with another version: Peanut Butter and Dill Pickle. Mmmmmm. I still get teased at work but I have converted a small army of PB&P lovers over the years. So dig in! Lindsay's post:


lindsay said...

I used the dill "stackers" sliced thin for burgers. Maybe that's why I wasn't impressed? I'll try it next with the spears as you've shown here!

Dave said...

Those look yummy! And wonderful lighting.

Alisa said...

Never heard of such a thing, but you know, they do look kind of tasty. Maybe I'll give it a (tentative) try!