Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's not about the food

Last night was such a fun evening and time flew way too fast. I tried to savor the rare opportunity to get reacquainted with Tom and Patty. What a wonderful and interesting family! As always, Tom has personality coming out his ears, is a wealth of knowledge about so many things and makes every story fascinating. Patty is quiet and unassuming, and at the same time bright and sweet and fun, and I'm so glad I got a chance to know her better. They are wonderful parents with extraordinary children. I wish we had had more time so I could have spent more time with the kids. Eddie, named after my Uncle Ed Heffron, is observant and sensitive beyond his 11 years, and Cheche (Cecilia, after my Grandma Heffron) is friendly and thoughtful. Both are beautiful children with a sparkle in their eyes that hints at the little wheels always turning in their minds. (I guess I sound like a grandma but they stole my heart in the short time they were here.) I enjoyed the way they spoke to me and their dad in English, and to mom and each other in Spanish. I'll have to get a Spanish lesson next time :)
Dinner? It really didn't matter, as we were so busy catching up on each other's lives, but... We had hummus with pita and veggies, cheese and fruit, and Tom and Patty brought wine. Then we had burgers, chicken and asparagus cooked on the grill, a green salad, and Priscilla brought an apple pie. BTW, amazing coincidence: Priscilla grew up with Sister Helen Werner, who is a nun living in Guatemala. Not only does it turn out she knows the Heffron family, but she and Tom and Patty have met in Guate!
They plan to return to Northern Michigan someday and I will welcome any opportunity to see them again. Maybe in Guatemala!

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Dave said...

I wish I could have been there!