Sunday, February 6, 2011

Les Cheneaux Islands by Kayak

This story has to start with my brother Dave's post from July 1, 2008.  I'll just add my 2cents worth after you read it...

(Les Cheneaux is pronounced:   lay shin oh)
An all day guided kayak tour of the Les Cheneaux Islands in Lake Huron.  Sounds adventurous, challenging, fun, right?  So we packed up our sunscreen and Keens and headed for Woods and Water Ecotours in Hessel on the east side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
A couple of warning signs that this may not be the day we had expected: 
1-Pouring rain.  2-A car accident on the smallest, least traveled road in the world.
I've lived in small towns most of my life but I've never seen anyone bring coffee and cookies to a car accident before!
The initial instructions for the novices went well...
The weather is clearing and Brian is ready

Dave has already mastered this kayaking thing!

Or so we thought...
The wind kicked up some choppy waves that proved difficult for a parking lot full of idling kayaks
Ok, so the trip was postponed by the guide, the sun came out and we went for a hike.   It was one of those days that seems somewhat unreal because the one thing that was planned didn't happen so everything else is pretty much ad-libbed.  Later on at dinner we had some laughs about the waitress who sounded like she was speaking English but all that came out was "rfdj saepfj tu4ir9 mctld".  I don't think those were her exact words but we did wonder if we had slipped into the Twilight Zone or a parallel universe...
After a LOT of laughs I decided that's what I love about my family -  When Plan B can be more fun than the original plan all is well with the world.

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